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What is Breast Massage?


Breast massage is a non-sexual, progressive treatment that addresses the specific needs unique to the breast tissues. The gentle and effective promotion of circulation through the breasts with manual stimulation of lymphatic channels and relaxation of corresponding musculature, alleviates pain, tenderness and congestion. Breast massage is a preventative and palliative therapy performed by a trained professional with written consent provided by the client. It is used to support the development of a woman’s positive awareness of her breasts and to address any imbalances which may exist within the breasts that are leading to disease or discomfort.


Many women are highly sensitive about their breasts as a result of the myriad of roles that they play in their lives. The breasts represent femininity, nurturance, sexuality and sensuality. The breast massage therapist is therefore trained to take into consideration the emotional and psycosomatic responses that many women have to their breasts. Another factor which contributes to this heightened sensitivity is that breast cancer has become increasingly common, contributing to a significant rise of fear in women about their breasts. It is essential to remember that breasts are body tissues with ordinary tissue needs such as unobstructed circulation. Breasts have no musculature of their own to move them and so require freedom of movement through non-constrictive clothing and/or the support of manual movement. Breast tissues in particular, change through the cycles of a        woman's life as she ages and it is important that she educates herself about what normal changes are and how to address symptoms that are abnormal. She can be proactive about addressing these needs through breast awareness, education, self-care and assisted therapeutic breast massage. When breast massage becomes a regular routine in a woman’s life, she can begin to experience an increase in positive thinking and feelings about her breasts and an overall sense of increased well being.



Benefits of Breast Massage

  • Increases the circulation of blood and lymph fluid causing breast tissue to become more alive and vibrant.
  • Helps to reduce mastalgia (breast pain), discomfort and tenderness
  • Alleviates breast congestion
  • Assists in the healing associated with breast trauma and/or medical procedures for cosmetic, diagnostic or treatment purposes
  • Benefits the healing of scar tissue
  • Empowers a woman to take responsibility for her health by educating and increasing her awareness about her body
  • Provides a sense of wholism by incorporating the breasts into a full body massage
  • Supports healthy touch
  • Alleviates post-mastectomy edema
  • Supports and strengthens the tone and facial structure of the breast tissue
  • Assists in monitoring changes that occur throughout a woman's life and supports women through any existing fears about finding abnormalities
  • Breast awareness equals Breast Health!



  • congestion and swelling
  • discomforts of pregnancy, breastfeeding, weaning
  • premenstrual and menopausal tenderness
  • breast pain
  • breast injuries
  • post-surgical symptoms
  • discomforts of cancer treatments
  • client appreciates the holism of including breast treatment in their massage
  • client has a personal goal of becoming more comfortable with having her breasts touched
  • assistance with breast monitoring
  • reduction of muscle tone following submuscular implant placement
  • client education on breast massage techniques which she can perform herself


When Breast Massage is Contraindicated:

  • lactation mastitis
  • post-surgical infection
  • current active infection of any kind
  • specific on-site work  at the location of an undiagnosed lump
  • specific on-site work at the location of an abscess
  • use of closed capsulotomy or any other forceful technique attempting to reduce implant-related contracture
  • direct pressure on an implanted breast manifesting a distorted contour
  • implanted breast with submuscular placement manifesting lateral breast and subscapular pain


Breast Health Resources:

  • Breast Wishes - Local NM Organization –Incredible resource for information regarding breast health.


  • 2012 CA Study on the effect that pressure has on malignant breast cells - LINK



  • Local and ongoing study on the benefits of breast massage - LINK



  • An in-depth and thorough guide to breast massage for the LMT written by Canadian Massage Therapist, Author and Educator Debra Curties, R.M.T - LINK





When I started practicing medicine 35 years ago, I recommended women examine their breasts every month or after every cycle. Now, I recommend they have breast massages regularly. Breast massages help relieve congestion and soreness. I also recommend them for women who have had surgery, radiation or are having issues with their breasts. I am grateful to know Noelle whose wisdom, skill and gentleness help women beyond the physical discomfort and bring comfort and ease in their lives and with their bodies and hearts.

–Joalie Davie, M.D. Founder of Health from Within, LLC

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